Revel Eight is an elite, driven salon and spa rooted in the heart of Midtown Oklahoma City.
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Hey REvel8ors!


Due to the rising covid numbers and the delta variant being carried in vaccinated people with the same viral load as unvaccinated people, we will be reinstating a mask mandate in all of Revel 8 Salons.


We are asking that you wear masks to your appointments for the foreseeable future. Once you’re in the chair, you and your stylist can decide what’s comfortable for both of you.


We know it’s not something that anyone will be too excited about, but we have always followed CDC guidelines in the past, and we feel that we should continue to do so now, for the safety of our community, families, and teammates.


Thank you for your cooperation and understanding! We love you! We’ll see you soon.


The culture we’ve created is due to our passion for life, love, and beauty and infinitely doing so. Our customers are the reason we exist, priding ourselves in building relationships and creating a unique experience. Eight is the intention, new beginnings and strength. The Revel Eight team personifies Eight through continuation, determination, and momentum.

Therefore, Revel Eight!

Revel 8, the #1 Salon and Spa in Oklahoma City, has expanded!

Revel 8’s new concepts, along with the original Salon and Spa, are beautifully crafted and comfortable environments where clients can treat themselves to the best treatments and techniques available. Come have a Revel8ion today!