Have a seat.
Relax. And
Revel with us.

Revel Eight Salon & Spa offers an inviting, vibrant atmosphere that immediately wraps you in a feeling of home. It’s a space where all kinds of people interact, relax, and forge connections that make a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

From its exquisite, modern interior to the attentive staff, including dedicated receptionists, and a complimentary beverage bar, every element is designed to prepare our clients for a tailored and exceptional experience.

Our culture is a reflection of our unwavering passion for life, love, and beauty and infinitely doing so. Eight is the intention, new beginnings, and strength. The Revel Eight team personifies Eight through continuation, determination, and momentum.

Walk out feeling great no matter what service you receive.

Dreaming of a Revelry?


REVEL 8 takes pride in tailoring a unique experience for each of our guests in our beautiful space filled with plants and personality.


Revel 8’s team is chosen based on skills, experience, and commitment to our core values: integrity, passion, experience, and love for people.


It is our mission to give you the best self-care experience while sharing and showing our artistry and expertise. Our mission is to make you feel and look your best.

A passion for life, love, & beauty

Revel about it.


Vegan. Top
of the Line.

Revel Eight has all the products you need. Our award-winning line of luxury hair care products feature unique ingredients and benefits designed to deliver immediate, high-performing results.

Culture of creativity.

The R8 Vibe

Education and attention to detail are part of Revel 8’s commitment to their clientele. Our team is continuously learning the latest trends, new styles, popular colors, and techniques for all hair types by traveling regularly to shows, educational events, and hosting world-renowned guest artists in the salon. We provide our team with professional training and opportunities in a structured, goal-oriented environment.


Our commitment to provide services that create the best look for each client based on their physical attributes and their lifestyle is the heart of Revel Eight.