New Guidelines Starting May 15, 2020



Your car is the new waiting room.

Please arrive on time and let your stylist know when you’re there. Your stylist will text you when they are ready for you, and let you in (reception and lobby will not be used).



You must wear a mask.

You must wear a mask during the entire service (must be secured behind the ears, not the head).



Temperatures will be checked before entering.

If you have a fever, you will have to reschedule.



Sanitize hands and phones.

Hands and cell phones must be sanitized as soon as you enter the salon.



Come alone.

Please don’t bring anyone with you (this includes pets and children).



No food or drinks.

No food or drinks allowed so make sure you get a snack and hydrate before you come in!



Only bring minimal personal items.

Please limit the number of items you bring with you as each must be sanitized.




Contactless payment only.

We will be utilizing a contactless payment system, so please be prepared with Venmo, cash app, or PayPal.



Last but not least.

If you or anyone you’ve been in contact with in the last 14 days have had any symptoms of COVID-19 (or anything contagious) please stay home and we will reschedule your appointment for a time when you are feeling better.