Gift Certificates

Give the gift they really want with a Revel 8 Nail Studio gift certificate!


What can my gift certificate be used towards?

Gift certificates can be used towards any service or product at Revel 8 Nail Studio.


Can you add gratuity on the gift certificate, if so how much is the standard?

Yes, you can add the gratuity to the total amount of the gift certificate. Typically in the service industry a 20% gratuity is custom.


When do gift certificates expire?

Gift certificates expire 5 years after the purchase date.


What happens if I lose my gift certificate?

Don’t worry! We can look you up by the name and phone number in our system.


How do I know if my gift certificate will cover the cost of a service, such as mani + pedi?

If you’re concerned about the cost of a service that you’d like to purchase, you can always contact us and chat about questions you may have.