Revel Eight is an elite, driven salon and spa rooted in the heart of Midtown Oklahoma City.
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Respect for the uniqueness of each individual is the foundation of our spa experience.


30 min $55 | 1 hour $90 | 90 min $130 | 2 hours $175

Swedish Massage

A massage designed specifically for relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage is used to release the knots and tight spots within the muscle tissue.

Prenatal Massage

A massage specifically designed for the needs of women to help with the dramatic changes your body goes through during pregnancy.


Sports Massage

This massage helps lengthen muscles, tendons and other connective tissue, to decrease soreness, improve flexibility and increase range of motion for improving your game.


If you like monthly massages, you’ll love our membership!

Specialty Massages

Head to Toe Massage

This is a unique massage that breaks up your massage time into:
  • 30 mins of Swedish/Deep tissue on your back and hips
  • 30 mins of Indian Head massage
  • 30 mins of Reflexology


90 minutes | $155

Revel Ritual

The PERFECT blend of massage techniques, incorporating elements of Deep Tissue, Swedish, Reflexology, Hot Stones, and Indian Head.  This massage is a perfect gift, or if you are having a hard time deciding which massage is best for you, try this amazing blended massage!

75 minutes | $150

Reboot Office Massage

This massage is designed for office related stress.  It focuses ONLY on the upper body, including neck, shoulders, forearms and wrists.


1 hour | $95
90 minutes | $140

Indian Head Massage

This experience comes directly from India and is modified for a truly one of a kind spa experience that ONLY focuses on the face, head, neck, shoulders, and scalp.  Creating a sense of deep relaxation, and balance to the whole body.  This is great for those who work at computer all day and those who have extensive headaches and migraines.


1 hour |  $95
90 min | $140 (will include the entire back and hips as well)

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

This ancient Polynesian style massage will whisk you away with the ocean tide as your body is nourished in rich exotic oils, as forearms glide across your entire body simulating that of the ocean waves creating a sea of relaxation!


1 hour | $95

Art of Touch Class (For Couples)

This is an interactive instruction class that will teach a couple how to massage each other in between professional massages.  Each partner will receive an hour massage from the therapist and their partner.  Learn how to give an amazing back and neck massage.


2 hours | $185

Revel8ion Foot Experience

This luxurious treat for the feet starts with a foot exfoliation using your choice of our 4 exotic world inspired body scrubs. Focusing solely on the feet, combining reflexology, Swedish and deep tissue techniques for a sole satisfying experience.


30 min | $70
1 hour | $95

Himalayan Salt Massage

Heated salt stones are strategically placed, deeply warming the body while the muscles are systematically massaged, melted and released.  The Himalayan salt rocks contain 84 different natural occurring minerals and elements for optimal health. This treatment inspires unimaginable relaxation and reconnection to the body.  (NOT AVAILABLE MEMORIAL DAY thru LABOR DAY)


1 hour | $120
90 minutes | $150

Body Glow

This globe trotting experience utilizes an exotic blend of ingredients in unique scrubs that give a full body exfoliation. Next you will step into our indulgent rain shower, then finish your experience with a one of a kind lotion from around the world!


Rainforest Body Glow

This decadent, creamy body scrub will banish dull and dry skin with its cocktail of passion fruit oils, Amazonian fruits and organic cupuacu butter.  The result visibly radiant, silky smooth skin!


30 minutes | $70
1 hour |  $120 ( 30 min. massage included)
90 min. |  $155  ( 1 hour massage included)


Thai Body Glow

Breathe new life into your skin with an array of crushed adzuki beans, bamboo, black sesame seeds, and organic oils in this creamy scrub.  This experience is to reveal a more radiant complexion, and enrich the skin with Thai coconut lemongrass body crème.


30 minutes | $70
1 hour |  $120 ( 30 min. massage included)
90 min. |  $155  ( 1 hour massage included)

Japanese Body Glow

This luxurious blend combines pure cane sugar, cranberry seeds, and an intoxicating citrus scent from the Yuzu.  Restoring your supple skin with the richness of crushed fresh water pearls and harnessing the power of real orchids for moisture rich skin.


30 minutes | $70
1 hour |  $120 ( 30 min. massage included)
90 min. |  $155  ( 1 hour massage included)

Body Cocoons

All Body Cocoons must be pre-booked 24 hours in advance to insure all ingredients for the service are available.


Ginger-Wasabi Detox Body Cocoon

This experience unearths ancient secrets from the Orient that date back to the Ming Dynasty. Borrowed from the beauty rituals of the famed geishas, these exotic ingredients are revered for their ability to brighten the complexion, boost circulation, restore suppleness, and improve ones overall skin condition. The end result is a deep detox that purges impurities and toxins for a fresh start to beautiful skin. The detox cocoon will be followed by our rain shower and a 30 minute customized massage.


90 minutes | $170   (includes 30 min massage)
2 hours | $210   (includes 1 hour massage)
1 hour |  $140  (body cocoon only)

Moroccan Incense Body Ritual

An array of ancient Arabian beauty secrets infuse the skin with powerful antioxidants that rejuvenate your skin and leaving it renewed and refreshed as the sacred, sensual aromas of sandlewood and vanilla fill the air. This elaborate ritual includes a scrub of exotic date and wild honey, along with a unique Moroccan masque that cocoons your entire body, followed by our signature rain shower and a 30 min customized massage. This experience will leave you feeling as if you are Arabian Royalty!


90 minutes | $170   (includes 30 min massage)
2 hours | $210   (includes 1 hour massage)
1 hour |  $140  (body cocoon only)

Rainforest Restorative Body Cocoon

The Amazonian rainforest formulates this treatments beauty secret. Your journey begins with a full body scrub containing Macadamia nuts, babussu and passion fruit oils, with Amazonian fruits and organic cupuacu butter to shed the dead skin. A full body masque containing a potent cocktail of antioxidants, skin conditioners, and fruit acids is applied to the body to battle everyday toxins and environmental stresses your skin endures. You will finish your experience in our rain shower followed by a 30 min. Customized massage using an Acai antioxidant lotion.


90 minutes | $170   (includes 30 min massage)
2 hours | $210   (includes 1 hour massage)
1 hour |  $140  (body cocoon only)

12 -Month Lifestyle Massage Membership


The Lifestyle Massage Membership is a month-to-month membership contract that grants each client 1 massage session per month at a discount rate for 12 consecutive months.

1 hour at $69.99

90 mins at $99.99


As a member you can purchase additional massages for yourself at the monthly discount rate.  If you skip or forget a month, the session will roll over at no extra charge.

    • Payment–handled through an automatic deduction on the first business day of each month by a credit card on file.
    • Sharing a Membership– you can share your membership with one friend or family member.  If you are unable to make your appointment this person will be allowed to take your place for your massage time slot.  You must notify our front desk to inform them of your appointment change or book this person’s appointment for them.
    • All 12 massages must be used 30 days after the last day of your pre-paid term membership.
    • Appointment cancellation– you may cancel your appointment without penalty any time before the close of business on the business day proceeding your appointment.  If you do not cancel your appointment or do not show up for your scheduled appointment, you will be charged for scheduled service.
    • Early Membership Cancellation– cancellation of your membership during initial 12-month term will be subject to an early termination fee equaling: 3 months = 1 hour-$209.97; 3 months = 90 min.-$299.97.


Limited number of memberships to be sold. Book at the salon or by calling (405)702-1688.