Revel Eight | Salon & Spa | Emerson Levi
An elite, driven salon and spa rooted in the heart of Midtown Oklahoma City.
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Emerson Levi

Bonjour, meet Emerson! His journey into the world of fashion began early at the age of 12, sketching outfits from back issues of Vogue.


Throughout high school and college, Emerson studied classical painting techniques which quickly adapted to an obsession with creative hair coloring. He values creativity and individuality above anything else. Emerson is looking forward to bringing a punk-grunge aesthetic into Oklahoma City.


Emerson is versed in short women’s cuts with advanced training from SR Education in San Francisco. Fantasy colors are his main focus creating blended yet radical changes. In his free time, Emerson can likely be found painting in his studio or enjoying a novel with a latte.